Navistar To Continue Shipping Super Duty Diesel Engines

The Navistar International Corporation, the parent company of International Truck and Engine Corporation, earlier entered into a consent injunction with Ford Motor Co. in which it resumes the production and shipment of the 6.4L Power Stroke? diesel engines which are intended for the automaker?s Super Duty pickup trucks. The automaker, in the said injunction, is expected to pay without deductions.

The International Truck and Engine Corporation has been Ford?s exclusive diesel engine supplier for Super Duty pickup trucks since 1979. In February, the automaker launched the new 6.4L Power Stroke for the new Super Duty. In addition, Navistar produces 225,000 to 300,000 diesel engines for Ford trucks each year.

Ford said that they had spent $1.05 billion in warranty and repairs on the previous Navistar diesel engine in Ford's Super Duty pickup trucks. Navistar said that the automaker's warranty claim is false. Ford debited Navistar about $125 million early this year. Ford said the contract allows debiting however Navistar disagreed. The two companies also have a dispute about the appropriate price for the new engine. That makes up a disagreement amounting to over $300 million a year.

On 26 February, Navistar suspended the production of the diesel engine. According to the engine supplier, the suspension is resorted to because the automaker had stopped honoring the terms under which the engines were manufactured. The suspension made Ford seek a temporary restraining order from Judge John J. McDonald of the Circuit Court of Oakland County, Michigan.

On 28 February, Judge McDonald issued an order requiring the supplier to resume production of the engine and Ford to pay with no withholding until a hearing was held. After the scheduled hearing the judge asked the companies to continue discussion to settle whether an agreement can be reached before the trial is commenced. The companies met and the judge issued consent injunction that supersedes the temporary restraining order. The said order from the judge also requires both companies to meet and resolve the contract dispute regarding warranty claims and pricing.

"I think this (consent injunction) represents a new spirit of cooperation between the two companies," Navistar spokesman Roy Wiley said. The consent injunction assuages concerns of the derailment for one of Ford's most important launches of the year.

Ford's Louisville, Kentucky plant stopped production last week and was shut down Friday after Navistar suspended shipments of the engines. The pickup truck also serves as the one of the vital keys to make Ford recover from billions of dollars of losses in recent years.

The halt of engine production threatened to disrupt production of the Super Duty, one of the most profitable product lines of Ford. In the past, a shortage of engines also has disrupted production at a Ford plant in Kentucky. That situation is now avoided by the automaker. Super Duty trucks are the most popular vehicles in their class, averaging 50 percent market share in the heavy-duty pickup truck segment during the past years. Hence, to allow production to be disrupted is perilous to the automaker.

Ford acknowledged the agreement with Navistar and said in a statement it was pleased there would be no further disruptions to the production of the F-Series Super Duty. The automaker said its Kentucky plant began ramping production back up early this week and will be back at full speed on Monday.

In 2006, Ford sold 796,000 units of the F-series trucks and 40 percent of the figure is owned by the Super Duty. The redesigned Super Duty include a new grille that blends well with Ford bumper, factory installed trailer brake controller, upfitter switches, and new interior. The Powerstroke Diesel, which is the now the subject of the controversy, was also modified to generate torque from 560ft/lb to 570ft/lb - nonetheless, the peak power output is maintained at 325 horsepower.


Purchase Good Quality Car Audio To Enjoy Stress Free Driving

When you invest in a car it means that you are making a great investment. You will look out for every possibility by means of which you make your car wonderful, luxurious and comfortable. In that case, the car stereos or any other car audios are a great option.

To get the comfort of a stress-free driving, car audios are a great option. Whenever you consider the purchase of some sound system for your car, you should always think of some exclusive and a good quality piece. Be it any kind of car or any kind of road, you will just be relaxed with the sounds coming out from the car stereos.

Good quality car stereos will amplify the sound and also help you get rid of any kind of distortion in the sound. Make sure that the audio system which you buy for your car does not get overheated frequently or even at times. This can pose a risk to their life.

When you buy the car audios, consider your budget as well. You should also think from before the kind of sound system that you want to install in your car. This will help you in a better approach. The size of your car is also an important factor that you should deal with. This is because all kinds of car stereos do not fit well in all sizes of car.

Car audios generally have various components like head units, amplifiers, speakers and many other input devices. They all work together to provide a great quality sound. However, be careful to take a note of the instructions which are mentioned in the sets of the stereo systems.

It is better not to go for the cheaper ones. This is because the cheaper ones will have poor sound quality and perhaps they would also not last long. Poor quality sound systems can also cause a threat to your car. If you love your car, you should never try out these. Instead make an investment which will be worth its value.

After the investment comes the maintenance. It is up to you to maintain the car stereos properly. Proper maintenance of the stereos would ensure good quality sound.

Do not let the traffic jam outside be a cause of your headache. Make sure to purchase good car audio for your car so that they can provide you the ultimate relief that you are looking for.


Aftermarket Adjustable Rear Control Arms for MINIs and BMWs

The main difference between aftermarket rear control arms and stock rear control arms is the difference in the amount of adjustability. Many of the later BMW and MINI models come with non-adjustable rear arms that don't allow you to change the camber. Some of the newer models do come with adjustable rear arms, but only allow for a camber adjustment between 0 and 0.5 degrees. This is better than no adjustment at all, but usually is not enough to reach a desirable degree of camber upon suspension alterations. Since stock rear control arms in MINIs and BMWs offer little to no camber adjustability, if you choose to lower your vehicle with a performance spring set, you should strongly consider investing in aftermarket adjustable rear control arms. Anytime you add a drop to your vehicle with performance springs, a considerable amount of negative camber is added to the rear tires. Excessive negative camber in the rear can negatively affect manueverabiliy and control. Additionally, the inside of rear tires wear out quicker. The general consensus on acceptable rear camber ranges from 0 to -1.5 degrees. When aftermarket spring sets are added and used to drop the vehicle, the amount of negative camber increases. Say for instance you decide to drop your BMW or MINI 1.5 inches. This amount of drop equates to about -3 degrees of camber on the rear wheels - 100% more than the aforementioned acceptable amount! Even if your BMW or MINI stock arms are adjustable, they will probably only be able to reduce camber to -2.5 degrees due to limited extension. With aftermarket rear control arms, you can make camber adjustments from anywhere between 0 and 4 degrees. Aftermarket arms for BMWs and MINIs from reputable designers can reduce negative camber and increase handling. If you're thinking about dropping your car a few inches and already have a rear sway bar installed, performance-grade adjustable arms are a must. Too much negative camber in the rear disrupts the benefits of your swaybar. If you've installed a swaybar, especially on your MINI, you've installed it because you want to reduce understeering. Negative camber in the rear will increase understeering and, consequently, decrease the effectiveness of your swaybar. When extenable rear arms are taken advantage of, you're able to retain the benefits of your swaybar and lower your vehicle to a desirable level. Lastly, BMWs and MINIs have four rear control arms - two upper and two lower. It's only necessary to replace lower ones with performance-grade extendable arms to effectively decrease camber. Upper arms may remain stock, adjustable or not. After replacing your stock rear arms with aftermarket ones, expect a huge difference in handling and easier camber adjustments.

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Pontiac, Toyota Bags Award At The Chicago Auto Show

In connection with the ongoing 2007 Chicago Auto Show, Consumer Guide Automotive honored the Pontiac G8 and the Toyota Highlander as the winners of their Most Significant New Introduction Awards. This is only the second year for the award and yet it is valued highly around the automotive circle.

The reverence given to the award is due to the fact that Consumer Guide Automotive has been a part of the automotive industry for more than 35 years. Throughout its lengthy history, the leading source of new and used car reviews has proven time and time again that they are the best at what they do. And this year?s awards will no doubt be a big boost to the popularity of the two vehicles recognized.

The aim of the awarding body in giving out such award was outlined by Kirk Bell, the associate publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive. ?With so many factors to consider, car shopping can be n overwhelmingly confusing experience. By naming the most significant new car and truck introductions, we?re helping car buyers everywhere identify vehicles worth consideration. Visitors attending the nation?s premier consumer show here in Chicago can see the standout vehicles firsthand.?

Indeed, these vehicles standout among the lot of other automobiles being shown off at the Chicago Auto Show - just like the rear-wheel drive Pontiac G8. The full sized sedan shown at this year?s Chicago Auto Show is just a prototype, however, most of the features and specifications that it has at present will also be present on the mass produced version of the car. The car is configured as a rear-wheel drive one but its performance is of high caliber, thanks to the efforts by GM?s Holden division which is based in Australia in developing the design of the Pontiac G8. The performance car exhibits some of the exterior designing of the Pontiac GTO and not the classic design. In fact, it holds that of the latest GTO which was discontinued again this year.

The Toyota Highlander, a mid-size SUV, is also making waves in the said segment. The sport utility vehicle was eligible for the award since it is a completely redesigned vehicle. Its only resemblance to present models available in the market is the vehicle?s one-piece folding rear seat. The latest model is loosely based on another award winning car from Toyota, the Camry, and it is longer and wider than its predecessor. The latest Highlander model is four inches longer and three inches wider than the current model. The Highlander also comes in a hybrid version which shows that even SUV?s can be environment-friendly and also very fuel efficient.

In choosing the awardees, Consumer Guide only took into consideration new cars or completely redesigned cars introduced at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. A point system is devised by Consumer Guide to determine the winner in the car and truck categories. Each editor allocates 25 points for all the entries but can only give out as much as ten points for a single vehicle. The vehicle with the most number of votes on both the car and truck segment is judged as the winner.

Toyota is the back-to-back winner in the truck segment since the Toyota Tundra has won the same award last year. The Tundra along with the Lexus 350 ES were the first winners of the awards.

The premier provider of new and used car reviews test drives more than 200 cars each year to provide its readers the most useful information concerning new or used cars. Throughout their existence, the institution has serve as a stockpile of knowledge about cars. In a way, they are like a Volvo master cylinder that stores brake or clutch fluid for immediate use when needed.

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Tranny Repair Technicians Are Also Needed To Diagnose Transmission Issues

Transmission Repair Technicians also are required to diagnose tranny issues and perceive customer relations. An associate?s degree in Automotive Technology can facilitate to in[crease|advance} career opportunities. Tranny repair specialists diagnose and repair automotive transmissions. They work on cars, farm machinery and significant equipment. Tranny repair can go up and over $2000 for maintenance. Your automotive clearly cannot drive if it will not amendment gears, so if this problem creeps up on you, you need to be ready to repair.

Transmission repairs can prove to be pricey and so proper maintenance will help you to remain out of such problems. A burnt smell can additionally be a sign of faulty tranny.

Automatic transmissions use a series of hydraulically controlled clutches to alter the ratio produced by the internal planetary gears. A planetary gearset may be a cluster of 3 sorts of rotating gears that are all encased during a common housing. Auto repair outlets are concerning as abundant fun as going to the dentist. But, many repair retailers today are taking the pain out of the process. Automatic transmissions are sophisticated, ever-evolving systems that are normally beyond the scope of the lay person to repair. The specialized tools needed to perform most service operations are rather expensive and not commonly offered in the typical toolbox.

Manual transmission problems will arise from low tranny fluid simply like automatics, however they need alternative issues too. Since manual transmissions have so several moving components within the automotive, subject to the driving force?s control, these components get additional and completely different types of wear and tear than an automatic tranny system. Manual tranny fluids usually need less frequent changing. A vehicle with an automatic tranny has a dipstick located within the engine compartment beneath the bonnet/hood. Manual tranny cars additionally have a gear shift that guides changes within the transmission relying on the terrain that the automobile is traveling over. In automatic tranny cars, this gear system is automated.

Manual tranny?s were way more fuel efficient, and were customary on little foreign imports, which became well-liked throughout the efficiency-aware ?70s. However as costs settled and automatic transmissions became more fuel-efficient and increasingly advanced, they rose in again in popularity through the Eighties and into the 1990s.

Tranny?s can leak from nearly 20 different external seals- some are terribly straightforward to mend, while others require more concerned service procedures. On balance, the idea is to possess the vehicle checked out instantly by a certified tranny repair shop as a result of, abundant like an engine that gets low on oil, a tranny that is low on fluid can fail utterly in very short time.


Purchase Good Quality Autoparts